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How Coffee Boosts Skin Health

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We all know our favorite morning brew has loads of benefits for our health and our mood, but could it improve our skin too? According to several studies, the answer is yes!

Coffee Boosts Skin Health

Surprisingly, coffee is the single biggest source of antioxidants for people around the world. In the Western diet, a whopping 79% of our antioxidants come from beverages including coffee and tea making them contribute far more antioxidant power than our foods.1

So how does this antioxidant power affect our complexion?

One of the biggest factors in health and aging is a process known as oxidation. This is a normal metabolic process but when it is accelerated by sun damage, a processed foods diet, and a lack of essential nutrients, oxidation can wreak havoc on our health…and our skin.

As oxidation relates to skincare, the process is called photoaging, and the result is most commonly dark spots and wrinkles.

Coffee is incredibly rich in antioxidants, so this prompted researchers to look specifically at coffee consumption to determine if it helps prevent premature skin aging. One study showed that coffee consumption significantly decreased the number of pigmented spots healthy females experienced on their skin. They concluded that coffee may help protect us from the harmful process of photoaging.2

This is great news, but you may be wondering how this works, so let’s take a closer look. Antioxidants protect our health because our body (including our skin) is constantly under attack from free radicals.

What this means in scientific terms is that molecules have lost an electron so they search the body to try to steal electrons from our healthy cells. Antioxidants protect our cells by freely donating their extra electrons to stabilize the free radicals and render them harmless.

What this means in terms of real benefits is that antioxidants help to stave off premature aging and all of the problems that tend to come with that. This includes sun damage, collagen breakdown, premature wrinkles, and age spots.

Skin aging is largely a process of free radical damage and one of the biggest culprits of this type of damage is excess UV rays coupled with a lack of antioxidants in the diet.

Studies now tell us that coffee or tea is associated with healthier skin. While it is always best to obtain a wide variety of antioxidants in our diet, it’s encouraging to know that 2- 3 cups of coffee or tea provides a powerful boost to your antioxidant stores which can radically improve your health…and your complexion!

Coupled with quality skincare products, choosing healthy beverages including pure water, coffee and tea over sugar-laden drinks can help you turn back the clock on skin aging.

The functional coffees and teas contain even more antioxidants than traditional brews so you can enjoy them knowing you are not only going to feel healthy and happier, but you will look fabulous too!

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